About Me – The Short Story

The Solomons Family in 2015….. time for an updated photo I think !

Born & bred Sydney guy with a passion for business, numbers, education, technology, fast cars and football !

Happily married for over 16 years with a beautiful wife and cheeky little girl and little mate of a son. I love nothing more than kicking back and spending time with my family and friends.

I feel as though I was put on this earth to help people and hence my first chosen career as an accountant as well as my philanthropist approach to life. As I’ve grown both professionally & personally into a business leader I have enjoyed being able to work with and help more and more people in society.

Why this blog? A chance for me to write about anything that springs to mind and to share my journey through this exciting part of my life as I juggle the demands of a successful business, a growing family and my commitment to giving back to the community.

2018 – CA Fellowship Acceptance Speech

Some stuff will relate to my business and my industry, there may be political rants, I could write about my favourite sports or cars and some of it will be more philosophical and family related. Whatever it is, its my thoughts at the time be they right or wrong !

Sometimes I will post frequently, sometimes it could be weeks or months between posts…it all depends on what inspires me to write !

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Me, my wife Jade and my little girl Georgia (plus one on the way)! Cairns, May 2013
May 2014
October 2013 after baby Harrison James was born into the world !

About Me

Born & bred Sydney guy with a passion for business, numbers, technology & fast cars!

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