As a person who is always looking to achieve and improve I have found the thoughts and experiences of others to be invaluable in guiding me to make decisions. Whether I have always followed the advice is a different story, but that is the beauty of having someone as your mentor…it is not their responsibility to advise you on the course to take in life or to coach you through life, but to be there to listen to what you have to say and provide constructive criticism on your own thoughts and ideas. With this feedback in hand you are able to make a decision using your own sense of judgement, knowing the thoughts and opinions on this decision from someone you trust.

One of the key “elements” of being a mentor is that there is never a time when you make a shift from being a mentoree to being a mentor. Not only will someone who is a mentor continue to also be mentored by someone they themselves trust, a mentor will also be a mentoree themselves to the person they a mentoring. I firmly believe we can always learn from other people in any situation and a mentoring situation is no different.

I have always felt that firstly as a manager and then as an owner I had a responsibility to be a mentor to my team and assist them whenever they needed it and provide comment and feedback and “mentor” them to be their best. This loose mentoring arrangement has its merits but sometimes didn’t achieve much because their was no formal engagement or commitment from both sides. But nonetheless, team members were making decisions on their own having sourced and received feedback from a trusted source. It has always been a goal of mine to help my team members achieve all they can from their chosen career.

Naturally, given the field I work in, I assist my clients with growing their businesses and helping them achieve financial freedom and so again there is an element of a loose mentoring arrangement existing between client and adviser. I enjoy this process immensely and it is usually done with a coffee or over a beer, sharing our stories and experiences.

And so, when the formal opportunity arose for me to take on the role as a mentor I jumped at the chance to get involved. Not only was it a way for me to continue on my journey to give back to society at large but to be completely honest it was a bit of a pat on the back because nobody asks somebody to be their mentor unless they see them as successful 🙂

I am looking forward to now mentoring accounting business owners either indirectly or directly to assist them with building a modern & connected practice during this period of digital disruption.

Currently I am fortunate to be mentoring a number of individuals all at different stages in their life. Each mentoring relationship is unique and I enjoy the richness of the conversation I have with all of these people.

I have been very fortunate to have had a trusted mentor for almost 14 years now and being able to speak freely with him about almost anything has been priceless. Up until my exit from EFS to start Aptus, I was able to work as a business partner with my mentor David which was a fantastic experience.

I have also been lucky to have had the opportunity to seek and receive mentoring from some very knowledgable individuals often when I need advice regarding life changing decisions, or just when I need someone to talk to. And quite often the reason that these business leaders reach out to me to catch up for a coffee is that they see the work I do to help others.

I have found that being a mentor is a very rewarding experience and I take the responsibility very seriously. If you would like to contact me regarding what I do as a mentor please get in touch with me here.

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