I love my job and so it is not a “job”. That is why I am good at what I do because I enjoy doing it so much !

I am a qualified chartered accountant being admitted as a full member in October 2007. This was after completing what used to be known as the “Professional Year” but is now known as the Chartered Accountants Program. Upon completion of the program you are conferred a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting.

In November 2017 I was recognised for my contribution to Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand by being advanced to Fellowship of CA ANZ. Thus I became an FCA

I have chosen Public Practice as my industry specialisation and in August 2014 I was appointed as the Head of Accounting for Xero. This is a unique role which sees me as the accounting spokesperson for Xero but also I remain as a director of Aptus Accounting & Advisory, Australia’s newest innovative and connected accounting business. It is through Aptus that I perform all of my professional work.

The decision to become a chartered accountant was an easy one and after beginning as a junior accountant at EFS Strategic in 2001 I quickly realised that public practice was perfect for me as it would allow me to not only utilise my professional and technical skills as I obtained them but I could also build relationships with clients and help them grow their businesses and personal wealth.

I’m also a problem solver and much of what I do on a day to day basis for my clients, my team and for the growth of my own business is problem solving. So it was a perfect fit.

Becoming a chartered accountant opened up a world of opportunities and allowed me to further my education and professional status. I am also a Chartered Tax Adviser, a Qualified Cloud Accountant, a Financial Planner and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

It has also directly led me to Xero. Finding Xero has been one of the most significant events in my professional career, particularly now that I work for Xero and has totally changed the way I do business. You can read how here.

The technology revolution in my industry is very exciting and it is great to be at the forefront of the change. Hence why I have adopted the term “Accloudant” to describe exactly what I do !

If you want to talk to a chartered accountant who loves what he does and loves working with his clients to help them develop and grow get in touch with me here