CFO Lunchtime Live Series

One of the good things to come out of the pandemic in 2020 was the launch of the CFO Series ‘CFO Lunchtime Live”. With the inability to run face to face events the CFO Series producers pivoted quickly to go “online” to be able to continue to deliver exceptional content for CFOs & Finance Leaders in Asia Pacific.

Having played the role of MC at the hugely popular CFO Series Breakfast events in 2018 and 2019 I was asked if I wanted to be the “host” of some of the “Lunchtime Live” webcasts. I jumped at the opportunity to be able to interview some exceptional CFOs, Finance Leaders and Business Leaders across Australia & NewZealand !

Following many of the webcasts, journalists Alexandra Cain and Nina Hendy have been putting together fantastic summaries of the discussions. As each of these have some really practical takeaways I’ve decided to start recording these below ! The latest will always be at the top and for some a link to the webcast is also provided ! Click ‘Continue Reading’ to go to the articles !

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Should Your Organisation Allow Pets At Work? Here Are The Five Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To The Workplace (Guest Post)

Guest Author: Sarah Walker, Founder of Dog Food Desire
(Picture Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/JmmXKlJ8MKQ)

We see a rise in the number of companies permitting a pet at work. This has become more popular after gigantic multi-millionaire companies like Amazon and Google have welcomed this new thought. 

And why not? It makes complete sense why you should be allowed pets at work. There are some obvious pros and cons to it. But if we dive into the benefits, you will notice dramatically it helps a corporation. 

But why should companies work on it? Here are a couple of encouraging reasons why businesses can look into it and reconsider their animal policies at work. 

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CFOs must have a vision for the future – CFO Series

Performing the role of CFO in a startup is very different to that of the CFO in large enterprise. CFO in a hyper growth startup is different again ! Alexandra Cain has written a great piece capturing the themes from my interview of Graham Burdis, CFO at v2food.

This article was first published on the CFO Magazine website here

v2Food has followed an incredible trajectory since it was founded only two years ago. Since then, the business has raised $130 million from investors and become the top plant-based meat company in Australia.

Chief Financial Officer Graham Burdis has been at the helm throughout that time, positioning the business to become a billion-dollar entity in the future.

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Mental Health for CFOs – CFO Magazine

A year ago today, I was interviewed by Nina Hendy on the impact of the ‘just surging’ pandemic on a CFO’s mental health. It was an unprecedented time and it required so much time and effort to effectively navigate un-chartered waters and be prepared for a long forecasted fallout from what was effectively a global economic shutdown.

As a business in the hiring space everything had to be reviewed. All costs, all revenues, all staff. Failure of a public company is not an option. It was the most stressful period of my 20 years as an accountant. As we come out of the other side of the pandemic the way we do business has changed forever.

The topics covered back then are just as relevant right now. If there are any CFOs, Finance leaders or business leaders suffering, please reach out to me or contact BeyondBlue on 1300 224 636 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Becoming a Cyber-Resilient CFO – CFO Series

Is cyber security just for the IT guys to worry about or is it just as important for CFOs and their teams. Alexandra Cain captured my views and the views of a leading CFO and leading CISO from Microsoft on this important topic. The chat uncovered a new term which I love, called “The Human Firewall” and at the end are some great tips for CFOs

This article was first published on the CFO Magazine website here

Cyber security is top priority for Chief Financial Officers, given new research indicates the rate of ransomware attacks around the world in 2021 has grown by 102 per cent compared to the same time last year.

In the words of James Solomons, global CFO of Xref and host, in the age of rapid digital transformation, cybercrime is one of the biggest threats facing CFOs and finance teams, with the potential to cripple a firm financially and reputationally.

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CFOs Play a Critical Role in Navigating Payroll Compliance – CFO Series

Payroll. Get it wrong and not only will you have some very unhappy employees you will also face the wrath of the regulators. Wage theft, whether deliberate or accidental, is just unacceptable in today’s modern workplace. Alexandra Cain wrote this piece summarising my chat with two of Australia’s leaders in the payroll compliance space

This article was first published on the CFO Magazine website here

A number of major Australian businesses have been in the news for all the wrong reasons because they have underpaid staff, often to the tune of millions of dollars going back years. But it’s all too easy for companies to make payroll mistakes, given how complex employment laws and the payroll system is – even if it has been simplified.

CFO Magazine Australia’s most recent webinar, The CFO’s Role in Navigating Payroll, was an opportunity to hear from the experts about how CFOs can approach compliance when it comes to payroll.

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Whatever Floats Your Boat: CFOs Open Up About The IPO Process – CFO Magazine

Joining Xref just after it went public in 2016, I was faced with the task of taking the reigns of the finance office. Things were in place but with $4m in the bank the business was going global and growing fast. Nina Hendy interviewed me on my experience in this post IPO phase !

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