10 Essential Best Practices for Small Business Owners

Photo via Pexels As a small business owner, you likely wear many hats. From managing your business finances to serving as your own marketing department, there’s so much to do and so little time. To succeed in today’s competitive market, it’s essential that you adopt a few small business best practices to help your businessContinue reading “10 Essential Best Practices for Small Business Owners”

Practical Steps to Preventing and Responding to a Ransomware Attack

Image via Pexels Like many other types of cybercrime, ransomware attacks are on the rise. More business owners are reporting encounters with ransomware each year, and criminals are getting smarter in how they weave through cybersecurity systems and processes. Given the constant changes in technology, it’s not surprising that no two ransomware attacks are theContinue reading “Practical Steps to Preventing and Responding to a Ransomware Attack”

The Numbers People Podcast

It is not often that I talk about my career specifically or in any real detail, preferring to share the learnings from my professional journey. As it is my mistakes and experiences that can help others in their own journey. However when Richard Holmes from “hpr Consulting” reached out and asked me to come ontoContinue reading “The Numbers People Podcast”

CFOs must have a vision for the future – CFO Series

Performing the role of CFO in a startup is very different to that of the CFO in large enterprise. CFO in a hyper growth startup is different again ! Alexandra Cain has written a great piece capturing the themes from my interview of Graham Burdis, CFO at v2food. This article was first published on theContinue reading “CFOs must have a vision for the future – CFO Series”

Mental Health for CFOs – CFO Magazine

A year ago today, I was interviewed by Nina Hendy on the impact of the ‘just surging’ pandemic on a CFO’s mental health. It was an unprecedented time and it required so much time and effort to effectively navigate un-chartered waters and be prepared for a long forecasted fallout from what was effectively a globalContinue reading “Mental Health for CFOs – CFO Magazine”