Should Your Organisation Allow Pets At Work? Here Are The Five Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To The Workplace (Guest Post)

Guest Author: Sarah Walker, Founder of Dog Food Desire
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We see a rise in the number of companies permitting a pet at work. This has become more popular after gigantic multi-millionaire companies like Amazon and Google have welcomed this new thought. 

And why not? It makes complete sense why you should be allowed pets at work. There are some obvious pros and cons to it. But if we dive into the benefits, you will notice dramatically it helps a corporation. 

But why should companies work on it? Here are a couple of encouraging reasons why businesses can look into it and reconsider their animal policies at work. 

Reduces Work Stress 

The best thing that has come out of it so far is the mental health of an employee. Many pieces of research show that employees work productively when they are provided with a stress-free environment to work in. 

No one can overburden a human and expect them to give their best. Hence, companies had been looking into ways to help reduce stress at work. And having a dog alongside significantly helps reduce stress at work. 

Plus, the satisfaction that comes with it is surreal too. No employee will have to spend half of their mental energy worrying about their pets at home. 

The more businesses encourage their employees, the better they will perform at work. 

Better Attendance At Office

Pet emergencies are real. 

Most pet owners request an absence from work because of their sick pet. Dogs can get severe health conditions if they are not given the right dog food. Most parents like to stay with them during tough times like these because they do not want to leave their pets unattended for hours. 

Bringing pets to work means you are improving the chances of reducing absent employees from work. If businesses would provide first-aid medical care for pets, this can be a bonus for all pet owners. 

Therefore, allowing a pet with an employee means you are also allowing better attendance at work. 

On the other hand, employees would feel motivated to go to work. Leaving dogs like pitbulls behind is challenging. Hence, bringing them to work is much easier and does not discourage an individual or force them to stay apart from their canine friends for too long. 

Helps Recruit Employees

Who would not want to work at an office that provides the best facilities and policies?

Businesses can only thrive when they have irresistible policies at work that attract the best potential from around the region. 

It is only possible when policies are flexible and welcoming. Every employee looks for companies that offer comfort and the most benefits. Having permission to bring pets to work is an excellent policy that many employees find appealing. 

It catalyzes the recruitment process and gives the company a chance to recruit the best minds. 

Facts tell us that 67% of the American population has a pet at home. This means more than half the population in the United States has a pet and would certainly love to go to a job that can let them have their pet next to them. 

Therefore, Imagine the large number of people you will appeal to by permitting pets at work. The number of potential candidates wanting a place in your business will be overwhelmingly satisfying. It will also significantly improve the image of your business. 

Boosts Company’s Success

Two things contribute to this factor. 

First, you have the best minds on board due to your company’s sound policies. Secondly, you are providing excellent working environments that help employees focus on their work without stress. 

All of it is incredible for the growth of any business. Every company primarily depends on how well the workers do. Thus, the better the employee’s productivity, the more the success of any business. 

Saves Employee’s Money

Petting a dog is no joke. It is a responsibility that every parent strives to achieve in the best way possible. 

Every dog owner spends a good amount of money on petting a dog, providing dog food, finding a good doctor, or a good daycare that can keep their poodles for the time they are away. 

All of it takes a lot of money. If a company can help reduce these expenses, every employee will look forward to working with you and giving their best in return.

Taking pets to work means you are giving them the liberty to subtract the financial and mental strain from their lives that mainly comes from leaving behind a dog under the care of a sitter. 

Last Thoughts 

The benefits of allowing pets at work can outweigh the disadvantages with detailed planning and efficient policies. 

Given the relief that will come with it, companies have a great chance to boost their growth and success secondary to better employee productivity. 

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Author’s Bio:
Sarah Walker
Short Intro: I’m a dog owner for the last 10 years, and I am very passionate about it. I’ve always been interested in what they eat, how they are cared for when we’re not around, and all those little things that make them happy.
Founder of


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