Become a ‘Rainmaker’ in your business!

You may know what business to start, how to gather the resources; but if you do not know how to sell, then you might as well close the doors!

As much as you may dread of prospect of selling, your business needs customers, without which you are doomed. Regardless of whether you are a one person business or a big venture project, your goal needs to be to become a ‘rainmaker’ and attract new customers. Here are five useful steps to that can help you become a ‘rainmaker’:

1.       Find the WHY. Any business can sell a product/service and its benefits. To create a truly lasting relationship with your customers ask yourself why your business does what it does. Once you know communicate it. Apple sells ‘Think Differently’ – they just happen to make great computers and phones.

2.       Be well prepared and confident before you meet with a new customer or make a first sales call.

3.       Determine the competition. Know other ways your customer can get same kind of product or service that you offer. Find out as much as you can, including the price and benefits they are offering.

4.       State your benefits by listing down all the reasons why the customer should do business with you or buy your product such as reliability/durability of the product.

5.       Quantify the benefit. Determine what the benefit actually translates to for that individual or business.

Published by James Solomons

FCA, GAICD. Innovative Business Leader. Global CFO @Xref (ASX:XF1). Director at @business_Depot (formerly Aptus Accounting & Advisory @AptusAA). Former Head of Accounting @Xero Australia. Advocate, Entrepreneur & Educator #Family #Football #Fastcars!

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