Yesterday I was invited to join a focus group at Macquarie University with the heads of department of the PACE Program as they develop the next part of their strategic plan for the program. My invitation came as a result of mine and EFS’ involvement in the PACE program on a number of levels.

It is no secret that I have a strong interest in the academic side of the accounting and wider financial services profession and to see the Uni seeking feedback from industry partners on how they can improve this industry and community participation program as it scales to be a compulsory part of every Mac Uni students undergraduate study in every single degree shows that the Uni is on the right path. To hear also that the Vice Chancellor has made the development of the PACE Program as high priority in the overall University’s strategic plan was also encouraging !

I’m looking forward to getting the draft strategic plan in the coming month for comment because I believe the only way to improve the job readiness of uni graduates is to get involved in shaping how they are taught during their degree (rather than just complaining year after year about how uni graduates have no real practical skills !)