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September 2014

Managing your business in tough times….

My latest blog on the EFS website

Welcome aboard to Xero’s new Head of Bookkeeping….Mel Power

It is fantastic to be able to finally welcome Mel Power as my counterpart at Xero as the new Head of Bookkeeping. It is going to be awesome to work alongside Mel as we continue to help businesses and their advisers leverage the digital disruption currently benefiting our industry as well as be a voice of Xero as it continues to build it’s industry leadership position.

Be sure to speak with both of us at the October Roadshows !

Read what Mel had to say about her appointment.

And here is the Xero media release 

And here is what I had to say about my new role 🙂

The Xero journey begins….

It has been three weeks since I officially started the appointment as Xero’s Head of Accounting in Australia and almost a month since the announcement at Xerocon and so far so good ! It certainly is a change from my work as a director of EFS and it is impossible to compare the two. And life is certainly different ! Lots of travel already and plenty more to come over the next few months !

And this is one reason I haven’t posted in a while ! I have been extremely busy.

It is an exciting time for me and also a challenge as I go through a period of absorbing massive amounts of information. And I have hit the ground running providing the desired industry based experience and feedback needed to ensure Xero continues to deliver the class leading online solution.

I published a blog on the Xero site following my first few weeks as I was just amazed at the buzz in the organisation. It was really inspiring.

With the announcement of Xero’s new Head of Bookkeeping due on Monday there will be another great appointment to the Xero team and it will be exciting to work alongside this person to help lead an industry through this period of digital disruption.

As I settle into my new routine, working both roles for Xero and EFS I’ll find more time to check in and post my thoughts and opinions ! So stay tuned as it is going to be an amazing journey ! 🙂



Can your accountant be innovative…..

My latest post on the EFS blog…. 

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