Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Parent (Guest Post)

Once upon a time, being a stay-at-home parent meant putting your career on hold, if not giving it up entirely. In the digital age, however, working while parenting from home is far from impossible. In fact, there are opportunities out there to fit every availability level and intensity. You can pick up a few extra bucks here and there, or launch a full-time career right at home.

Recognition – Advancement to a Chartered Accountant Fellow (FCA) – Video & Transcript

On Wednesday August 1st I had the privilege of delivering the guest address at the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) New Member certificate presentation & merit award recipient presentation. The night also held special significance for me personally as I was presented with my CA ANZ Fellowship Certificate. Being advanced to Fellowship ofContinue reading “Recognition – Advancement to a Chartered Accountant Fellow (FCA) – Video & Transcript”

From the Xero band to the budget roundtable; A review of my time as Xero’s Head of Accounting

In May 2014 after the Xero roadshow, I wrote a blog that challenged Xero to take responsibility for the disruption it was bringing to the industry (for the better). Little did I know that this blog would start a chain reaction of proportions I could never have imagined. I had spent the better part ofContinue reading “From the Xero band to the budget roundtable; A review of my time as Xero’s Head of Accounting”

The rise of the agile accountant

As noted in my last post I have number of speaking commitments coming up over the next couple of months, so I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on the role of a CFO and, indeed, the wider accounting profession. During my presentations and panel discussions, I’ll be speaking to audiences from across theContinue reading “The rise of the agile accountant”

Immediate reflections on my CEO Sleepout Experience…..

Back at the office after a tough night sleeping without a roof over my head on the SCG turf. Even in an environment safe from the threat of being bashed and robbed it was impossible to get any real sleep. But this experience would not compare to what 105,000 people in Australia go through everyContinue reading “Immediate reflections on my CEO Sleepout Experience…..”

Embracing Change For Start-up Success

It’s human nature to dislike change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right? Why disrupt a process, or do things differently? Usually the answer is that the process is, in fact, broken – or could be massively improved – but we’ve become too complacent to notice. This is particularly apparent to start-ups providingContinue reading “Embracing Change For Start-up Success”

What the next generation of accountants really wants

Read Time: 4m 55s Millennials are often portrayed in the media as entitled, frequent job switchers and interested primarily in monetary gain. But the reality doesn’t quite match up. The next generation of accountants want to be exactly that. Accountants. They studied accounting because it interests them, not because it is a stable career theyContinue reading “What the next generation of accountants really wants”