Back at the office after a tough night sleeping without a roof over my head on the SCG turf. Even in an environment safe from the threat of being bashed and robbed it was impossible to get any real sleep. But this experience would not compare to what 105,000 people in Australia go through every night, including 17,000 kids under the age of 12. 
I have been so lucky in my life to have been helped by so many people to get to where I am today. A beautiful family, nice house, nice car, good education, a steady income and great people to work with everyday. Some however, from decisions they make themselves or from circumstances out of their control are not so lucky. 
When I tuck my kids into bed tonight and then later on kiss my wife goodnight and tell her I love her, then rest my head on my own pillow and try to drift off to sleep I will not be able to shake the fact that so many adults and kids in Australia will be searching for a place to curl up for the night, hoping to make it through the cold and to not be preyed upon while they sleep. 
As a society we have a responsibility to not only help those in need but to protect them when they are unable to do so themselves, regardless of the reason. Where the system fails, the rest of us need to step in.
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