Embracing Change For Start-up Success

It’s human nature to dislike change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right? Why disrupt a process, or do things differently? Usually the answer is that the process is, in fact, broken – or could be massively improved – but we’ve become too complacent to notice. This is particularly apparent to start-ups providingContinue reading “Embracing Change For Start-up Success”

What the next generation of accountants really wants

Read Time: 4m 55s Millennials are often portrayed in the media as entitled, frequent job switchers and interested primarily in monetary gain. But the reality doesn’t quite match up. The next generation of accountants want to be exactly that. Accountants. They studied accounting because it interests them, not because it is a stable career theyContinue reading “What the next generation of accountants really wants”

Did desktop DIY accounting software nearly destroy an industry ?

Read Time: 3m 55s Sometimes you find it’s the simple systems that work the best. Back in the day, manual ledgers were the accounting hero for most SMEs. The retro green ledger book, ruled up and reconciled each period, may have been labour intensive, but it worked, pure and simple. More importantly, the regularity ofContinue reading “Did desktop DIY accounting software nearly destroy an industry ?”