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Recognition – Advancement to a Chartered Accountant Fellow (FCA) – Video & Transcript

On Wednesday August 1st I had the privilege of delivering the guest address at the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) New Member certificate presentation & merit award recipient presentation. The night also held special significance for me personally as I was presented with my CA ANZ Fellowship Certificate.

Being advanced to Fellowship of CA ANZ has been a humbling experience as it recognises the contribution I have made to CA ANZ and the entire accounting profession since being admitted as a Chartered Accountant in Oct 2007.

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An interview with XingDong & Judith from AccountingPod

It was great to be interviewed by XingDong and Judith from AccountingPod on career pathways for CFO’s and Public Practice Accountants in the future !

From the Xero band to the budget roundtable; A review of my time as Xero’s Head of Accounting

In May 2014 after the Xero roadshow, I wrote a blog that challenged Xero to take responsibility for the disruption it was bringing to the industry (for the better). Little did I know that this blog would start a chain reaction of proportions I could never have imagined.

I had spent the better part of five years writing about industry change, and the issues facing small businesses. I’d shared my thoughts on panels at Xerocon and at roadshows, played in the Xero All Stars band and worked closely with the Xero team to help the platform better serve accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses. Continue reading “From the Xero band to the budget roundtable; A review of my time as Xero’s Head of Accounting”

The rise of the agile accountant

As noted in my last post I have number of speaking commitments coming up over the next couple of months, so I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on the role of a CFO and, indeed, the wider accounting profession.

During my presentations and panel discussions, I’ll be speaking to audiences from across the APAC accounting community about the tech trends that are going to shape the future of the industry.

These sessions will take a deep dive into the topics of:  Continue reading “The rise of the agile accountant”

Privileged to welcome (again) our next group of business leaders into the fold

On April 18th, I had the honour of delivering the Occasional Address for Commerce and Marketing students at Macquarie Uni’s graduation ceremony. It was the second time I had the great privilege to do so, and it is just as humbling second time around.

Under the video is a full transcript of my speech, as it is actually a little bit of a checklist on how to set yourself up for success in whatever you do and the principles I have followed

Here is the recording of the address

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Universities need a big reality check

My article as it appeared on Smart Company

Australia’s education system isn’t gearing up graduates with the right skills to support the nation’s small businesses.

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Accounting is more than just numbers……

At Xerocon 2015, AFR Editor & Accounting Industry writer Agnes King asked me about my thoughts on the issues plaguing new graduates coming into the industry and how they could get ahead. As many of you know, I am very interested in how our next generation of accountants will turn out and get very involved with Macquarie Uni to help ensure they are well trained and ready to hit the ground running when they graduate.

Here is Agnes’ article as it appeared on the AFR on 29/9/2015

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The honour of delivering an Occasional Address

In April 2015 I was humbled to be asked to deliver the occasional address at Macquarie University for a graduating class from the Economics and Finance faculty.

Here is the recording of my address

Congratulations Macquarie Uni on winning a National Award for innovative ACCG315

It was with great pleasure that I received an email from Dr Rahat Munir from Macquarie University, head of ACCG315 ‘Accountants in the Profession‘ advising myself and the other industry partners that the unit had received a BHERT Award for ‘Outstanding achievement in excellence in accounting teaching collaboration’.

To be part of this innovative unit which focuses on exposing students to the many different parts of the accounting profession has been a fantastic experience and having just finished the second semester there is no doubt it has been a resounding success. And I can’t wait for first term next year !

And for the unit to now be recognised with the receipt of this award is a testament to the vision and dedication of Dr Philomena Leung, Dr Rahat Munir, The PACE department and Macquarie University overall. It also recognises the commitment of the industry partners who all believe in the importance of working with students whilst they are still studying to help them be more “job ready” when they graduate.

Below is a link to a video about the ACCG315 Unit prepared and recently !

Congratulations to everyone involved. !

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