The honour of delivering an Occasional Address

In April 2015 I was humbled to be asked to deliver the occasional address at Macquarie University for a graduating class from the Economics and Finance faculty. Here is the recording of my address

Congratulations Macquarie Uni on winning a National Award for innovative ACCG315

It was with great pleasure that I received an email from Dr Rahat Munir from Macquarie University, head of ACCG315 ‘Accountants in the Profession‘ advising myself and the other industry partners that the unit had received a BHERT Award for ‘Outstanding achievement in excellence in accounting teaching collaboration’. To be part of this innovative unit whichContinue reading “Congratulations Macquarie Uni on winning a National Award for innovative ACCG315”

Xerocon 2014 – It just gets better !

Well Xerocon 2014 has come and gone and yet again the annual Xero event has left a permanent mark on the accounting industry for all the right reasons. And with 1300 people attending (partners, exhibitors and Xero staff) it has to be one of the biggest technology based conferences in Australasia. This year was all aboutContinue reading “Xerocon 2014 – It just gets better !”

Two recent acknowledgments…

Whilst I never set out to seek recognition for the work that I do, whether it be paid or voluntary it is always nice to be recognised. In June 2014 I was given a Macquarie University Recognition Award for ongoing commitment to the first Accounting PACE unit (“Accountants in the Profession”) as an industry partner andContinue reading “Two recent acknowledgments…”

Xero Answers the Call

Following on from my blog in May, it was pleasing to see Chris Ridd’s blog last week regarding Xero’s commitment to educating and assisting the accounting and bookkeeping industry. 87.5% of respondents to the question I raised regarding whether they felt Xero had a responsibility to take on this role answered Yes. With so much change happening inContinue reading “Xero Answers the Call”

How the profession is changing….

As you would have seen, last week I was a guest lecturer at Macquarie Uni. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed presenting to the students and giving them a snapshot of a day in the life of a public practice accountant in the SME space. Whilst listening to the other guest lecturersContinue reading “How the profession is changing….”

Live Blog – Uni Lecture Day !

Here is my live blog to share my experiences with giving my first uni lecture ! I will update it as I go. Be sure to check back every few hours.  ! Latest posts at the bottom ! 11:45am So it was a bit of a sleepless night….but mainly because the young boy Harrison keptContinue reading “Live Blog – Uni Lecture Day !”