Pushing into a new domain…

In just under 24 hours I will be giving my first university lecture at Mac Uni ! Excited but also nervous ! Looking forward to the experience of firstly lecturing to some 800 students but then also being part of the industry professionals assisting with the unit throughout the semester. Its a new domain for me inContinue reading “Pushing into a new domain…”

A Poll – Making Uni Students MORE Job Ready

After writing my last post I thought more about what makes an accounting student job ready when completing their degree. And it became very clear that if they work while completing their degree they not only learn the skills required while at Uni they reinforce those skills obtained as they are using them every dayContinue reading “A Poll – Making Uni Students MORE Job Ready”

Macquarie Uni pioneering changes to benefit accounting students

On Thursday evening I was invited to attend a welcome function for the Guest Speakers / Industry Professionals that are part of the new unit being run by Macquarie University titled ACCG315 – Accountants in The Profession. I have been asked to be one of the first batch of Industry Professionals, representing the SME spaceContinue reading “Macquarie Uni pioneering changes to benefit accounting students”