After writing my last post I thought more about what makes an accounting student job ready when completing their degree. And it became very clear that if they work while completing their degree they not only learn the skills required while at Uni they reinforce those skills obtained as they are using them every day (well most of them)

I was a product of working full time and studying part time while completing my degree. One year full time and 3.5 years part time. So 4.5 years all up.

When I worked full time and studied part time at night my rate of learning increased dramatically.

Without even researching the usual impacts, I wonder what would happen if government encouraged part or full time work with part time study by offering incentives to students or employers or both? HECS/HELP reductions for students ? Grants for employers? Payroll Tax concessions? Work Cover concessions?

I know these exist for apprentices for many trade based businesses but I have not come across many if any for professional organisations wanting to employ uni undergraduates (so happy to be made known of these).

What would happen if a student was able to earn more quicker and pay back their HECS/HELP debt faster. Surely that would come from having more skills, thus helping their employer grow, thus helping the economy grow ? I know these are some pretty out there comments but in these changing times where more and more HSC leavers and international students are going to Uni we need to think outside the box to ensure they are able to help the economy at large prosper with the skills they have obtained in their degree faster.

So here is a poll. Two questions…Yes or No answers. Love to know your thoughts.