Some more involvement at Mac Uni

Yesterday I was invited to join a focus group at Macquarie University with the heads of department of the PACE Program as they develop the next part of their strategic plan for the program. My invitation came as a result of mine and EFS’ involvement in the PACE program on a number of levels. It is noContinue reading “Some more involvement at Mac Uni”

How the profession is changing….

As you would have seen, last week I was a guest lecturer at Macquarie Uni. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed presenting to the students and giving them a snapshot of a day in the life of a public practice accountant in the SME space. Whilst listening to the other guest lecturersContinue reading “How the profession is changing….”

Live Blog – Uni Lecture Day !

Here is my live blog to share my experiences with giving my first uni lecture ! I will update it as I go. Be sure to check back every few hours.  ! Latest posts at the bottom ! 11:45am So it was a bit of a sleepless night….but mainly because the young boy Harrison keptContinue reading “Live Blog – Uni Lecture Day !”

Pushing into a new domain…

In just under 24 hours I will be giving my first university lecture at Mac Uni ! Excited but also nervous ! Looking forward to the experience of firstly lecturing to some 800 students but then also being part of the industry professionals assisting with the unit throughout the semester. Its a new domain for me inContinue reading “Pushing into a new domain…”

Building your mental model | Xero Blog | Rod Drury

It has been a little while since my last post but I came across this from Rod Drury on the weekend. Quite logical when you think about what he is saying. I always say that confidence comes with knowledge and to some what you display as confidence they believe is arrogance. In some cases peopleContinue reading “Building your mental model | Xero Blog | Rod Drury”