Partnership model to keep ‘falling away’

First published on Accountants Daily – 11th October 2016 While the partnership model remains “old-school attractive” in the industry, it is becoming increasingly less appealing to younger accountants with different career and lifestyle priorities to the previous generation, Xero’s head of accounting and director at Aptus Accounting and Advisory, James Solomons, told AccountantsDaily. MrContinue reading “Partnership model to keep ‘falling away’”

Ten big challenges facing small businesses in 2016

10 challenges and tips to help overcome them for SMEs and their advisers  

Accounting is more than just numbers……

At Xerocon 2015, AFR Editor & Accounting Industry writer Agnes King asked me about my thoughts on the issues plaguing new graduates coming into the industry and how they could get ahead. As many of you know, I am very interested in how our next generation of accountants will turn out and get very involved withContinue reading “Accounting is more than just numbers……”