Get Connected Edition Four ! Thanks for tuning in !


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Get ConnectedEdition #4, 29 JAN 2016


Topics Discussed – Links below
  • Productivity Hacks for the week
  • Tips for managing your team
  • ATO – Focusing on tax avoidance using trust
  • ATO – Focusing on rental property deductions
  • Succession planning risks for accountants
  • Outsourcing & technology impacting accountants
  • Xero Roadshow – February 2016
  • New format for Get Connected from next week !


TOPIC #1 – Productivity Hacks for the week



TOPIC #2 – Tips for managing your team



TOPIC #3 – ATO to focus on using trust to avoid tax  


TOPIC #4 –ATO to focus on rental property deductions



TOPIC #5 – Succession planning risks for accountants



TOPIC #6 – Out sourcing & technology impacting graduates



TOPIC #7 – Xero Roadshow – February 2016



TOPIC #8 – New format for Get Connected from next week

From next week, I am going to dive deeper into one topic area. Don’t hesitate to connect with me to let me know of areas you want me to cover when it comes to accounting, small business & tech. !!