Accountants need to embrace Value Pricing…

  Following the February Roadshow in Sydney, my thoughts on the changes in the industry were captured in an Article on Accountants Daily…. Accounting firms should adopt a value-based pricing model in response to the new era of accounting, where technology is driving greater efficiencies in compliance work, says Xero’s head of accounting, James Solomons.Continue reading “Accountants need to embrace Value Pricing…”

Ten big challenges facing small businesses in 2016

10 challenges and tips to help overcome them for SMEs and their advisers  

6 accounting trends to watch in 2016

Many business owners are still getting used to operating in the cloud but we’ve reached a critical mass in Australia and are deep in the adoption curve. Accountants who have led the transition to cloud are already realising the number of opportunities which open up for them, especially around streamlining compliance and increasing transparency. OverContinue reading “6 accounting trends to watch in 2016”