Profiting from providing compliance services in an automated world… its actually really easy to do

In a world where time is money, it can feel like a double-edged sword when efficiency is deemed the only measure of success. For all accountants, providing compliance services is still a necessary part of the job, and will be up until the day we no longer need to lodge tax returns. It is aContinue reading “Profiting from providing compliance services in an automated world… its actually really easy to do”

Partnership model to keep ‘falling away’

First published on Accountants Daily – 11th October 2016 While the partnership model remains “old-school attractive” in the industry, it is becoming increasingly less appealing to younger accountants with different career and lifestyle priorities to the previous generation, Xero’s head of accounting and director at Aptus Accounting and Advisory, James Solomons, told AccountantsDaily. MrContinue reading “Partnership model to keep ‘falling away’”

Accountants need to embrace Value Pricing…

  Following the February Roadshow in Sydney, my thoughts on the changes in the industry were captured in an Article on Accountants Daily…. Accounting firms should adopt a value-based pricing model in response to the new era of accounting, where technology is driving greater efficiencies in compliance work, says Xero’s head of accounting, James Solomons.Continue reading “Accountants need to embrace Value Pricing…”

6 accounting trends to watch in 2016

Many business owners are still getting used to operating in the cloud but we’ve reached a critical mass in Australia and are deep in the adoption curve. Accountants who have led the transition to cloud are already realising the number of opportunities which open up for them, especially around streamlining compliance and increasing transparency. OverContinue reading “6 accounting trends to watch in 2016”