What accounting looked like 10 years ago…

My latest article as it appeared on Accountants Daily “What accounting looked like ten years ago – and how the industry is changing” Five years on from the turn of the millennium, the industry had gotten over its last major change – the introduction of GST. With small businesses now required to produce quarterly BASContinue reading “What accounting looked like 10 years ago…”

The importance of your Accountant in an ‘Automated World’

Should I Sack My Accountant? As featured on LifeHackerAU..http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2014/12/should-i-sack-my-accountant/ A lot of people ask me if accountants are going out of business. As the head of accounting of a company that allows small business owners to easily do many of the things their accountant used to do, as well as being an accountant in publicContinue reading “The importance of your Accountant in an ‘Automated World’”