Mental Health for CFOs – CFO Magazine

A year ago today, I was interviewed by Nina Hendy on the impact of the ‘just surging’ pandemic on a CFO’s mental health. It was an unprecedented time and it required so much time and effort to effectively navigate un-chartered waters and be prepared for a long forecasted fallout from what was effectively a globalContinue reading “Mental Health for CFOs – CFO Magazine”

Becoming a Cyber-Resilient CFO – CFO Series

Is cyber security just for the IT guys to worry about or is it just as important for CFOs and their teams. Alexandra Cain captured my views and the views of a leading CFO and leading CISO from Microsoft on this important topic. The chat uncovered a new term which I love, called “The HumanContinue reading “Becoming a Cyber-Resilient CFO – CFO Series”