What exactly is financial planning……

“As featured in the June Edition of the Western Sydney Business Access magazine (WSBA)” Prior to the Global Financial Crisis (or the GFC as it is affectionately now known), the financial planning industry held a somewhat precarious place in the financial services world. It was often on the receiving end of unfavourable media attention thanksContinue reading “What exactly is financial planning……”


Xero software makes maintaining records and compliance easy! Real time income and spending updates allow you and your accountant to commumicate effectively and keep on top of your accounts, providing a better understanding of your position and allowing greater flexibility. As it is hosted in the ‘cloud’ there is no need for complex installation processesContinue reading “Xero”

EFS Bulletin July

NEW WEBSITE Since its inception, Elite Financial Solutions has always offered a broad range of Information Technology, Financial/Corporate, Business Development and other key services to meet your requirements in today’s rapidly changing business environment. With this concept in mind, we are currently implementing an expansion of our IT services to incorporate online bookkeeping, ecommerce, andContinue reading “EFS Bulletin July”