Using technology to run a smarter business

This article first appeared on the Eagle Waves Radio website following my guest appearance on their Eagle Business Show. The article was also featured in another blog by Clayton Moulynox who has coined the term #Accloudants to describe “Cloud Accountants” !  Every day of the week many of us use technology in our personal routines to make our lives easier. SmartContinue reading “Using technology to run a smarter business”

Xerocon All Stars Band – A 2013 Highlight !

I needed to get this up onto my blog as it was one of the highlights of 2013 for me being part of this awesome band ! For those that haven’t had the pleasure of watching the Xero All Stars Band in action at Xerocon 2013 sit back, watch and enjoy….. and watch out forContinue reading “Xerocon All Stars Band – A 2013 Highlight !”

Four tips to keep your team motivated!

   Every small business needs to motivate their employees in order foe the   team to work more efficiently and produce better results. Using   monetary and other rewards to improve motivation is a simple idea, but   doing it fairly and effectively can be challenging.   Therefore the difficult question is ‘How can you create a compensation   programContinue reading “Four tips to keep your team motivated!”