The Benefits of Credit Card Funding

By Odysseas Papadimitriou Reposted from Mashable Thinking of using your credit card to finance your startup? For some entrepreneurs, it’s the only way to get their new business off the ground. Still, it comes with plenty of risk. The Benefits of Credit Card Funding The ability to retain maximum equity:  People willing to take theContinue reading “The Benefits of Credit Card Funding”

Four tips to keep your team motivated!

   Every small business needs to motivate their employees in order foe the   team to work more efficiently and produce better results. Using   monetary and other rewards to improve motivation is a simple idea, but   doing it fairly and effectively can be challenging.   Therefore the difficult question is ‘How can you create a compensation   programContinue reading “Four tips to keep your team motivated!”

Get ready For the Post-Christmas Cash Flow drought….7 ways to stay ahead!

The global financial crisis is squeezing credit and bank overdrafts and trade payments have been slowing. Therefore, small businesses should support themselves for an economic slowdown in the wake of chaos in international finance markets and a decrease in the value of the Australian dollar. They should be keeping a close watch on cash flow,Continue reading “Get ready For the Post-Christmas Cash Flow drought….7 ways to stay ahead!”

Become a ‘Rainmaker’ in your business!

You may know what business to start, how to gather the resources; but if you do not know how to sell, then you might as well close the doors! As much as you may dread of prospect of selling, your business needs customers, without which you are doomed. Regardless of whether you are a oneContinue reading “Become a ‘Rainmaker’ in your business!”

Cloud Computing: How it can help your business!

Cloud Computing – Practical Solutions The new era in computing is here. A new way to minimise costs, maximise efficiency and best of all run an effective business. These may sound like dramatic claims, but ‘cloud’ computing is rapidly changing the way business is done. This is not just some fad for corporations with aContinue reading “Cloud Computing: How it can help your business!”

Government support for small businesses

The Federal Government and the States and Territories are all keen to support the establishment and growth of small businesses in Australia. A robust small business environment has strong flow on effects for the rest of the economy and as such, encouraging investment and training as well as providing grants to budding entrepreneurs are importantContinue reading “Government support for small businesses”

How will the carbon price affect you?

The announcement yesterday by the Gillard government of a $23 a tonne carbon price from July 1, 2012 may mean many things for you and your business. Whilst the tax is targeted toward the 500 or so largest polluters in the nation, the flow on effect in prices may have an impact on your overallContinue reading “How will the carbon price affect you?”