Government support for small businesses

The Federal Government and the States and Territories are all keen to support the establishment and growth of small businesses in Australia. A robust small business environment has strong flow on effects for the rest of the economy and as such, encouraging investment and training as well as providing grants to budding entrepreneurs are importantContinue reading “Government support for small businesses”


Did you know that billions of dollars is sitting in lost superannuation accounts waiting for Australians to claim?Lost super is a special term used to describe superannuation benefits that are recorded in the Lost Members Register. Your super benefits may be recorded as lost if your super fund cannot contact you due to changes in your member details orContinue reading “LOST SUPERANNUATION”

Why cash flow controls are so important in busines…….

Picture a scenario where all of your customers decided to delay payment of your invoices by 30 days. How long could your business survive without this cash inflow? How would you pay your staff, meet your overheads and pay your creditors? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then careful cash flow managementContinue reading “Why cash flow controls are so important in busines…….”

Australian Market Outlook

Even though economists are positive on the outlook of the Australian share market for the remainder of 2011, there are still some concerning factors which have kept average returns in the red over the past 11 months. The European debt crisis, which began as concerns around Greece and its debt servicing ability seem to haveContinue reading “Australian Market Outlook”