Data stored in the cloud…how secure is it…?

Prior to Christmas EFS posted a video to YouTube which featured yours truly talking about the benefits of utilising cloud solutions to run our business with a particular focus on Microsoft Office365. We shared it throughout our Social Media network including LinkedIn. Rightfully so, another LinkedIn member challenged me on the content of the videoContinue reading “Data stored in the cloud…how secure is it…?”

Using technology to run a smarter business

This article first appeared on the Eagle Waves Radio website following my guest appearance on their Eagle Business Show. The article was also featured in another blog by Clayton Moulynox who has coined the term #Accloudants to describe “Cloud Accountants” !  Every day of the week many of us use technology in our personal routines to make our lives easier. SmartContinue reading “Using technology to run a smarter business”

Xerocon All Stars Band – A 2013 Highlight !

I needed to get this up onto my blog as it was one of the highlights of 2013 for me being part of this awesome band ! For those that haven’t had the pleasure of watching the Xero All Stars Band in action at Xerocon 2013 sit back, watch and enjoy….. and watch out forContinue reading “Xerocon All Stars Band – A 2013 Highlight !”

NSW Government has to do more….

I generally don’t make opinionated comments on political subjects that are not in my field of work or have no direct relevance to my personal life but I feel that this subject needs to have plenty of comment from the public to make Barry O’Farrell and his team listen (BTW, I am a staunch liberalContinue reading “NSW Government has to do more….”