How to hire the next generation of professionals

The longevity of a business is determined by many factors, perhaps at the forefront is whether a firm is able to adapt and evolve to keep up in an ever changing technological world. The accounting industry in particular is constantly being met with so many innovative new tools. It’s very important for advisors to keepContinue reading “How to hire the next generation of professionals”

Use the new financial year to get your tax habits in order !

A recent Xero survey found that three-quarters of Australian small businesses still store their receipts in shoeboxes and that can add up to 5,200 invoices a year – signaling the need for business owners to consider automation to pave way for better tax habits. There’s no reason why the “New Year, New Me” mantra shouldn’tContinue reading “Use the new financial year to get your tax habits in order !”

Tips on getting paid faster….

Earlier this month some of my expert tips on getting paid faster were featured in an article written by Cathy Anderson from Huffington Post. Cathy liked them so much she immediately implemented them in her own small business…. I confess I've started following @JamesSolomonsCA's advice to keep a tight accounting ship with @gingerbcontent. reading “Tips on getting paid faster….”