Xerocon All Stars Band – A 2013 Highlight !

I needed to get this up onto my blog as it was one of the highlights of 2013 for me being part of this awesome band ! For those that haven’t had the pleasure of watching the Xero All Stars Band in action at Xerocon 2013 sit back, watch and enjoy….. and watch out forContinue reading “Xerocon All Stars Band – A 2013 Highlight !”

EFS Strategic & Xero

Finding better ways to connect and collaborate with our clients has always been our primary objective as accountants and business advisers. Being seen as truly proactive and partnering with our clients is a long held goal that simply makes good business sense. For many years we have worked with clunky solutions which were not simpleContinue reading “EFS Strategic & Xero”

Cloud Computing: How it can help your business!

Cloud Computing – Practical Solutions The new era in computing is here. A new way to minimise costs, maximise efficiency and best of all run an effective business. These may sound like dramatic claims, but ‘cloud’ computing is rapidly changing the way business is done. This is not just some fad for corporations with aContinue reading “Cloud Computing: How it can help your business!”