Four Secrets to better delegation!

First posted by Sharon Williams on Dynamic Business. 1. SOS: When a ship sends a message to another ship they do so with the use of Morse Code, a series of taps and signals that tap out an entire message. When a ship receives a message it sends the message back in its entirety toContinue reading “Four Secrets to better delegation!”

What are your business’ values ….?

As published in the November edition of the Western Sydney Business Access magazine Every business has a set of core values underpinning most, if not all of the actions and decisions that its owners and staff make on a daily basis (even if they don’t know what they are). Successful businesses know what theseContinue reading “What are your business’ values ….?”

Risky Business…..

“Article as appeared in the September edition of Western Sydney Business Access…..” SMEs are exposed to risks all the time. Some are risks that are imposed upon them whilst some are risks that they choose take. Such risks can directly affect their day-to-day operations, or their impact may be serious enough for the business toContinue reading “Risky Business…..”

Why cash flow controls are so important in busines…….

Picture a scenario where all of your customers decided to delay payment of your invoices by 30 days. How long could your business survive without this cash inflow? How would you pay your staff, meet your overheads and pay your creditors? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then careful cash flow managementContinue reading “Why cash flow controls are so important in busines…….”

SMEs need planning for post GFC Recovery

“As featured in the July Edition of the Western Sydney Business Access magazine (WSBA)” ALMOST two years have passed since the ‘official’ end of the Global Financial Crisis (the GFC) however for many small and medium sized businesses (the SMEs) the effects of this downturn in the economy are only just starting to subside. BigContinue reading “SMEs need planning for post GFC Recovery”

EFS Bulletin July

NEW WEBSITE Since its inception, Elite Financial Solutions has always offered a broad range of Information Technology, Financial/Corporate, Business Development and other key services to meet your requirements in today’s rapidly changing business environment. With this concept in mind, we are currently implementing an expansion of our IT services to incorporate online bookkeeping, ecommerce, andContinue reading “EFS Bulletin July”