“Colour by Numbers” – My chat with Southern Cross University

To predict where the future of the accounting and business professions are heading, it’s important to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to challenge current industry operations. I sat down with Southern Cross University to discuss my views and predictions, as well as give some advice to those looking to advance in their careersContinue reading ““Colour by Numbers” – My chat with Southern Cross University”

Chatting about the concept of “Continuous Engagement”

In August I sat down with Steve Major from Pricing Power and we chatted about a concept that has been evolving called “Continuous Engagement”. Listen to the interview here https://pricingpower.net/james-solomons/

Acting in our clients best interests when it comes to technology… my views

At Xerocon 2016 I had an interview with Accountants Daily and we discussed whether accountants were failing to act in their clients best interests if they didn’t help them move to better technology to run their business This is what I had to say http://www.accountantsdaily.com.au/technology/9547-technology-lag-may-hurt-clients-best-interest Technology lag may hurt clients’ best interests Written by Katarina TaurianContinue reading “Acting in our clients best interests when it comes to technology… my views”

Tips on getting paid faster….

Earlier this month some of my expert tips on getting paid faster were featured in an article written by Cathy Anderson from Huffington Post. Cathy liked them so much she immediately implemented them in her own small business…. I confess I've started following @JamesSolomonsCA's advice to keep a tight accounting ship with @gingerbcontent. https://t.co/GnwnuAWxXBContinue reading “Tips on getting paid faster….”

Using the new financial year to help your business get ahead

The new financial year is the perfect time to reset, re-evaluate and prepare for the year ahead. As a business, you would have recently closed off your books for the last financial year so most of what you need to know about your business is readily available to you. You’re in a great position toContinue reading “Using the new financial year to help your business get ahead”

Five resolutions to kick off the new financial year

Cloud software can help you track which customer segments are spending most, influencing where your marketing focus should be as you expand in the new financial year. The flurry of activity that is EOFY should have died down by now, making it the ideal time for small-business owners to take a retrospective look at howContinue reading “Five resolutions to kick off the new financial year”