Get Connected with James launches !

Hi everyone, I am very pleased to launch my video channel, Get Connected with James !!! The place to go to keep you in touch with everything thats happening in small business, accounting & tech! View The YouTube Channel

7 Tips for How to Stay Healthy and Sane as a Freelance, Remote Worker via Entrepreneur Magazine Here is a great article that talks about how to manage working remotely. Even though it refers to being a freelancer or contractor, the tips are equally important for employees working from home or remotely on a regular basis. Even applies if you have an office and a desk there if you do lotsContinue reading “7 Tips for How to Stay Healthy and Sane as a Freelance, Remote Worker via Entrepreneur Magazine”

Is your Financial Platform on every device

My latest article “Is your Financial Platform on every device” as it appeared on Kochie’s Business Builders Whether it’s storage, communication, collaboration, or financial management, most modern business software should now work on any device. Any new business technology product entering the market would be digging its own grave if it didn’t work across everyContinue reading “Is your Financial Platform on every device”

Using technology to run a smarter business

This article first appeared on the Eagle Waves Radio website following my guest appearance on their Eagle Business Show. The article was also featured in another blog by Clayton Moulynox who has coined the term #Accloudants to describe “Cloud Accountants” !  Every day of the week many of us use technology in our personal routines to make our lives easier. SmartContinue reading “Using technology to run a smarter business”