Is your Financial Platform on every device

My latest article “Is your Financial Platform on every device” as it appeared on Kochie’s Business Builders Whether it’s storage, communication, collaboration, or financial management, most modern business software should now work on any device. Any new business technology product entering the market would be digging its own grave if it didn’t work across everyContinue reading “Is your Financial Platform on every device”

The importance of your Accountant in an ‘Automated World’

Should I Sack My Accountant? As featured on LifeHackerAU.. A lot of people ask me if accountants are going out of business. As the head of accounting of a company that allows small business owners to easily do many of the things their accountant used to do, as well as being an accountant in publicContinue reading “The importance of your Accountant in an ‘Automated World’”

The Importance of Credit Control in your Business

Businesses don’t fail because of a lack of profit…they fail because of a lack of cashflow ! Here are 5 simple tips to develop a credit control policy when extending credit to your customers via BRW